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One on One Mentoring Testimonials

"Mentoring from Tim and learning his methodology has been life changing to say the least! It has saved me years of research and missed direction. It is very rare to find a teacher that will unselfishly answer any question you have, share his years of experience, knowledge, and his time and effort, with just about anyone who's willing to be a student. He will not hold anything back. He can share with us firsthand experiences of every key historical market event in the last 30 years—Many of which he played a key role in. Most of us only get to read about this stuff in textbooks! I can't help but impress people when I tell them I'm learning from a guy who was like once, the third largest currency trader in the world. But, he also possesses a personal interest in your success. This guy is a proven trader, fund manager and teacher of the pro's. However, big institutional and CME traders aren't the only ones privileged to learn from him. He's sure, he makes himself accessible to just about anyone. There isn't a better person to carry on Allan Andrews' work than Timothy Morge. Tim is the top teacher and master of this rare and powerful methodology, a virtual anomaly for the teaching and trading fields."

"Tim is a patient giving teacher and as good as they get. He teaches so much more than trading methods. He will form your trading in ways that will last a lifetime."

"Not only is Tim the only link to the work of Alan Andrews, Roger Babson, and George Marechal's, he has advanced it to another level."”

"A chance to learn from Tim directly is like having a chance at getting art lessons from Picasso."

"Tim Morge didn't just get to the top of his field. He has been there for over 35 years. This is the guy I want to learn from!"

Just wanted to give you and update on how the mentoring is going for me. The one on one mentoring is going so well for me that I feel anyone who is seriously interested in learning how to trade median lines absolutely needs to take advantage of what you are offering in your one on one mentoring. As far as I'm concerned, the opportunity to directly learn from a person who is a real trader and has been very successful at it, is valuable beyond words. So, learning from someone like you is a tremendous advantage compared to taking a trading course from someone who has never really traded. The question I always ask myself when considering taking a trading course is, "If this method is so good, why is this person teaching it to others?" So when I ask myself why you are willing to devote so much of your time to helping others, I believe you are very sincere in your purpose. And, to be blunt, I believe you are well beyond needing to make money trading your own account and are at that point in your life where you are dedicated to helping struggling traders learn how to become successful. I'm sure the satisfaction you receive when one of your students tells you how well they are doing because of what you taught them, is something that cannot be measured in words or dollars. Another indication to me that you are very sincere in wanting to help other traders is the amount of time you devote to each of our sessions. When I signed up you said the sessions would be 1 hour in length. As a matter of fact, no session has been 1 hour. They have all been much more! And a number of them have gone almost 2 hours. When we are engrossed in discussions about particular setups, the feeling I get is not that you are rushing to finish in time; but rather you want to take all the time that is necessary for you to make sure I understand the point you want to get across. So, I just want to thank you again for helping me so much. I consider it a privilege to be a part of your mentoring program.

Dr. David Baker

I wanted to send a special thank you for sharing your knowledge and taking the time out of your busy schedule to work with me on a mentorship. I have been a professional trader managing other people’s money for 7 years and have learned more about market structure and context in the last 3 months of mentoring than all my prior years as a trader. I have always approached the markets with a systematic approach, but now have a much better understanding of how to apply my methods, my psychology and median lines to the markets. The tight risk control and precise targets is something I have always embraced in my trading with my prior methods, but median lines have taken this to a whole new level. I can now see these price points play out in real time reacting with median lines that I have drawn. I have learned to be much more patient and let the trades come to me while using your methods.

Thank you, Tim!

Tim's brilliance is the simplicity in his methods and his generosity to fill my mind with 36 years experience. Tim can spot a problem a mile away and you always walk away from each session with knowledge you couldn't find in any book. There is one thing that is clear to me now, without an experienced mentor it is just about impossible to find success as a trader. The only question I have which I don't know the answer yet is this: How do I thank you, Tim, for teaching me the skills to change my life as I know it?